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Payroll Processing

Payroll management is very important for the enterprises because maximum expenses are being incurred on the manpower so as to have more efficiency and output from the manpower employed. So, payroll management plays a very important role in each and every Organization.

Renuka infocom pvt ltd has expertise manpower to render Specialized payroll processing services to United States, United kingdom, Canada, Australia and European union and a global hub for outsourcing in India.

We offer following Payroll Services: -

- Payroll Set-up in QuickBooks, Peachtree, Sage line 50, etc.
- Prepration of W1 , W2 , W3 Forms for US.
- Set up Payroll Items like, Hourly rate, Salary and Wages.
- Set up Payroll Withholdings like, Federal Withholding, Social Security and Medical Insurance.
- Create Employees and designate them whether the pay check is issued on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.
- Create Paychecks directly or Through Time Sheets usinf softwares and ERP.
- Generate Payroll liabilities (Taxes) due to the IRS & HMRC.
- Prepare 940, 941 Tax returns & Forms for US.
- Calculatin of Standard deductions such as NI, PAYE, SSP, SNP, SPP'S for UK.
- Filling of statutory forms P35, P14, P60, P45, P46, P32, P11D & P9D for UK.
- Australian Payroll Outsourcing.

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Payroll Processing Services India

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We Invite Business Associate or CPA from US, UK, CANADA, and AUSTRALIA for Accounts & Finance Back Office Outsourcing Process in India.
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